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A Long Hornby Winter


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A long HORNBY winter 62 / 63

In addition to „Ein langer MÄRKLIN Winter“

When talking about railways, equal to their age, boys get pointed ears! When heavy good trains and express trains pass thundering, they come to rest. As soon as a steam locomotive passes through, they stay on bridges paralyzed, although they are completely wrapped from steam and soot. They are happy if playing with that relaxing model railway but - they often miss the domestic everyday duties. There are boys who earn their “bred on the table” at the railway!

So the author of this scriptum, who could combine hobby and railway-work, and on the following pages he could recourse to the 50&60s, when nurseries were predominantly populated by railways and die-cast cars – might be that just a doll's House stood in the way – of a railway track.

Just the dimly autumn and wintertime, when  free time was spent no longer with playing street football or "cops and robbers", boys rooms – for “big boys” even the living room -  where the place of reading, modelling something and – of course - the railway ... from which should be reported now. 


Any boy that does not dream about railways in wintertime? This one surely does.


It`s the time between night and dawn, between wake up and dreaming, when - in the dark, snow quietly and unnoticed covers town and country as with sugar icing...

if it's cold out there and heavy steam locomotives are rushing through night and fantasy... and we long for to drive a train by ourselves.

It is the cosy time before Christmas, of which the following episode counts that way, as it might have take place in boys dreams and nurseries during the expectant days of the advent season ante Christmas in the 50 and 60s.

And so the run-up may have started...

... we get frozen into the House... You remember...?

Upon entering the hall an icy touch from the outside still whistles behind us.

Scarves and coats on the hook and hidden under the living room table. It`s cosy, especially when the storm howls outside, when snow falls in the darkness and the wind whistles through the window cracks and makes the chimney pots rattling. This winter is lousy cold!

Oh, Yes... mother serves fresh, well smelling, baked cookies from the stove, some of those please under the table!  Only for a little taste! The kitchen door is open and a stream of heaven- fragrance and warmth waves through all rooms.

Lying on the floor we long for the railway catalog, gathering wishes for the coming Christmas? Sadly, the catalog of last year must be used once again. Fingers move from sheet to sheet... "I have that one!" Eyes are getting bigger. You, reader, know what it meant.

Then, father comes home from work. He carries snow from outside on his hat, he rubs his cold hands near the stove. There is already hot milk with chocolate and a promising marble-cake for us on the table. Ha, that tastes good..., but our gaze is wandering to father's eyes... He smiles, has he brougth it?

He pushes a closed envelope on the table. Now all chops stop chewing, all eyes glued on the envelope. Perhaps the "new one" is inside it?

"Eating cake - then watching!" says father pushing a cookie into his mouth. Mother and Grandma agree with him: "Yes, first strengthen your selves!"

Hot cocoa is sipped down - begging, until the fathers heart softens. He rustles with the envelope and finally he pulled out a brandnew railway Hornby catalogue. (Strangely! after that, the catalogue disappeared for a while - most time we found it on fathers nightstand!)

Advent - is now

- with the new railway Catalog, boys lie under living room tables, we also do. After that, let`s go to the railway track- imagine how new locomotives will run on the line. "Which one shall I wish? I mean the goods train locomotive. "That one has five axes!" "The beautiful Duchess!" "Don`t you have your wish list already written?"

Between once and now are more than 40 years.Resonates as a bit of melancholy? Memories? ... yes! Eyes closed... and smell, only cookies, then the railway? Or vice versa? In the 50th there were really only two dream-careers for boys : locomotiove driver or architect. On cold and lousy days we tinkered something at the afternoon... of course after that, we did the homework. Some of us sat in a cozy corner or on the carpet with a book, or , best of all, a railway-catalogue in front of his nose. What else? Otherwise playing outside - playing football, Girls twisting with their feet through rubber- band. But that was in the summer. Now it is wintertime, not a good time for twisting, but for dollhouses - for girls, for guys railways of course.

High upon the embankment across next to our street a freight train passes smoking, rattling crossheads, followed by much steam.  That precious engine was followed also by coal smell (it was fragrance for boys!) and 1, 2, 3,... 40 freight waggons. A quick look out the window and we agree: thas was a LT25 Freight Locomotive. "With four axes, - I wish it was under the Christmas-tree!" A suburban pull and push train followed also with the tender ahead.



This 23 of 1954 pushes service as D train locomotive with two wagons on the hook.

The train had just entered the station.

Behind it, visible an E19 faces the outgoing station signal. It was set on the "F21 Rhine arrow" and is waiting until the dispatcher releases the exit.

After work, when father is not just busy playing cards with Grandpa Fritz and uncle Walter, he reads very satisfied in our literature. (We found that once again on his night cabinet!).

Is there anybody who didn’t get stored books in the wood shelf above the bed titled like: "The Forest of Boland Light Railway". I got it down, blanket over my head! Flashlight on, allthough mother stated: "Lights off, tomorrow is still another day!"

Under the blanket in luminary light... Railway catalog or railway book? ... both! The next morning, batteries are empty, the catalog has a kink.

 … to be continued …


Ein langer Märklin Winter 62 / 63